Tips for Eating the Healthiest Meal of the Day

You know that you should eat breakfast. But what does that mean? Too often this logic leads people to justify sugary breakfasts that damage their overall health. While eating breakfast is certainly important, there are certain things you need to consider. In order to achieve all the good that eating breakfast has to offer, you must eat a healthy breakfast. Bleached, starchy, sugary cereal has no place in the diet of a healthy individual. Here are just a few considerations for making your breakfast as healthy as it can be. The benefits are yours for the taking!

When picking your breakfast, pick a few items from each food category to maintain a balanced meal. For instance, you may include grains, dairy, and fruits or vegetables. Milk and cereal, granola and yogurt, and juice or fresh fruit make for great breakfasts that are quick, simple, and well balanced in nutrient content.

Think ahead before you go shopping for your week. Will you have mornings at home or will you be on the go most mornings? Plan your shopping list accordingly. While those at home may be able to mix and match their own medley of yogurt, fruit, and granola, someone who is on-the-go all week may need to consider picking up portable breakfast options. Granola bars, individual yogurts, and chopped fruit may be easier to throw in a gym bag or purse and take out the door. If breakfast is hard for you to make time for, make it easier on yourself by making breakfast a stress-free endeavor.

Eating a healthy breakfast is just one part of leading a healthy lifestyle. At Perseus PCI, we fight cancer by using the patient’s own immune system. It is our belief that by leading a healthy lifestyle, we can best equip our body to fight off diseases like cancer.