The Perseus Patient Experience

At Perseus PCI, it is incredibly important to us that not only are our patients treated well, but that they are well treated. We have made extensive efforts to guarantee not only revolutionary treatment but an experience as easy as it is painless. Cancer is hard enough to fight without adding additional stress and pain.

One of our current patients has been very outspoken about her experiences with the Perseus medical staff and her journey through the personalized immunotherapy treatment process.  We asked her if she would be willing to let us relate to you in her own words, what she experienced at Perseus. Celeste Yarnall has been in the public eye for years and has been very vocal about using all resources at  our disposal to help the body heal itself.  When asked why she chose to receive the Perseus PCI Vaccine, she said, “The idea of using only my body’s biological materials, i.e. personalized medicine, making injections for me with the tumor tissue from my surgery and my own blood and nothing else, just made perfect sense. As I truly believe everything we do in medicine, be it mainstream or alternative is simply giving the body something to work with to cause a particular action, however there is nothing better than our own bodies biological materials.”

She went on to say, “It just seemed quite natural to me to now along with everything else I continued to do and frankly had done my whole life, to now give my body the added benefit of the Perseus protocol. Especially when I learned from Dr. Wagner personally how cancer hides from the immune system. ”

Having chosen to pursue the Perseus PCI Vaccine, Celeste describer her experience in Grand Cayman, “The [hospital] is where I would go to see my doctors for check ups rather than a private office and that is so overwhelming. They attempt to give you a personal experience however it is still a huge institutional setting that covers blocks and blocks of real estate and it feels like an institution. Then when we met the 3 person team at Perseus where the office and lab is so lovely, I was just so impressed that they had everything they needed and specialized only in this treatment. It is such a wonderful feeling. It is all brand new looking, immaculate and professional… yet warm and comfortable. My husband is a fine artist and he is dreaming of doing paintings for their walls!”

Celeste concluded, “The best part of the Perseus experience is the confidence that tremendous research has been done by exceptional people at Perseus, such as Dr. Wagner and Dr. People’s. This knowledge and comfort level set me in action right away after speaking with the amazing Pauline Nichol on a very deep level. She connected me with another patient who had had wonderful results and a great experience doing his immunotherapy at Perseus. He prepared me for this wonderful experience.”

Her positive attitude amidst cancer battle has been incredible, rather than mourn over her own illness, Celeste took the time to thank us in the kindest way, “I wish Perseus all the best and success in the world and am so grateful to all of them for making their own personal sacrifices to bring this technology to fruition. I hope to be a poster girl for just how well it works!”

We strive to make sure every personalized experience at Perseus meets the expectations of our patients as we grow and treat more cancer patients, we hope to tell thousands of stories just like that of Celeste.

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Celeste Yarnall in Perseus’ Cayman facility.

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