The Benefits of Community for Cancer Patients

The area of cancer prevention is extremely difficult to study in the scientific laboratory. While Perseus PCI is totally focused on providing immunotherapy to victims of cancer, no organization deeply involved in the cancer arena can help but consider ways to avoid cancer in the first place. We’ve studied cancer for decades and seen its devastation firsthand. Though cancer prevention is not easily tested in a lab, it is often helpful to talk to others who have had some experience with cancer. For instance, if a certain type of disease runs in a family, and all the members of the family contract the disease except for one person, the health patterns of that one person would be worth studying. For this reason, it is often helpful for cancer patients to reach out to others who have been touched by cancer. In today’s world, some of these communities can be easily accessed online. One online cancer community that Perseus PCI supports is Cansurviving. You can access a wealth of information at Cansurviving and also establish connections with other cancer patients. By perusing and engaging in online forums, cancer patients may interact with people who have experienced similar diagnoses and experiences. This is often a source of great comfort and encouragement as you interact with survivors and their families about what helped them overcome their disease. At Perseus PCI, we encourage all cancer patients to be actively involved in a supportive community. The experience of cancer is often overwhelming and extremely taxing on cancer patients and their families, and strong community support often alleviates some of the burden from the cancer patient’s shoulders.