The Benefits of Breakfast

You’ve probably heard someone, at some point in your life, tell you that breakfast is important. You may have even been told that it is the most important meal of the day! But how true are these suggestions? We are going to explore not only why breakfast is important, but also why a HEALTHY breakfast is important. After reviewing these quick points, you may consider waking up an extra 15 minutes just to make sure that you get a good breakfast and that you are prepared to face your day.

Without breakfast, you are less likely to be able to concentrate during your work day or school day. It is essential that students get a good meal in the morning in order to be able to focus during a long day at school. After all, chemistry or math is hard enough without your stomach growling!

Without breakfast, you can have a hard time managing your body weight. When you miss breakfast, your body goes into “fasting” mode. What does that mean for your weight? It means that when you do eat, say, your large lunch, your body is programed to save and store all of those extra calories. Your body is simply preparing for its next fast!

If you miss breakfast, you will likely not get all the nutrients your body needs that day. Eating a healthy breakfast may help you get all your daily requirements of vitamins and nutrients. Even a simple breakfast can include nutrients that will not only help you throughout your day, but also help you achieve and maintain good health.

Here at Perseus PCI, we advocate for healthy living in all of its forms. Eating a healthy, simple, and balanced breakfast every morning is just one way that you can achieve and maintain overall health as well as help your body fight against disease.