Prostate Cancer

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer—even if it’s late-stage cancer—you owe it to yourself to learn more about our alternative cancer treatment program. The Perseus vaccine works by giving your immune system the tools it needs to find the metastatic cancer cells in your body and attack them. You know that typical cancer treatments may cause serious side effects that can significantly reduce your ability to continue your activities or even enjoy life. But the Perseus vaccine rarely causes any significant side effects, making it a welcome alternative to radiation or chemotherapy.

The Dendritic Cell Tumor Vaccine is our immunotherapy-based procedure that is specifically formulated to treat your—and only your—cancer cells. We treat you by taking a portion of your tumor tissue and a sample of your blood so that we can manufacture four vaccines made only for you and your cancer. The initial treatment will be administered at your first visit; you will receive the subsequent vaccines at one-month intervals. Your quality of life will not be severely impacted during the treatment program.

If you want to know whether our vaccine could be the right treatment for your cancer, please fill out the form below so that a patient care specialist can contact you. Or, if you prefer, call us at 888-979-7402.

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