Head and Neck Cancers

Early or late-stage head and neck cancers can be treated with our unique vaccine treatment program. Perseus has developed a vaccine therapy that works by giving your immune system the tools it needs to find the metastatic cancer cells in your body and attack them. And our treatment has minimal side effects compared to chemotherapy or radiation, which often significantly impair your quality of life.

The immunotherapy-based Dendritic Cell Tumor Vaccine is custom-built to fight the cancer cells in your body. We do this by taking a tissue sample from your tumor and using that along with a blood sample from you to manufacture four vaccines. The first vaccine will be given to you on your first visit; the three subsequent treatments will be administered at one-month intervals. A slight fever following administration of the vaccine might occur, and this is typically the worst side effect of the treatment; the lack of severe side effects allows you to maintain your quality of life.

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