Breast Cancer

You felt a lump in your breast. You told your doctor. She performed a needle biopsy. And your fears have just been confirmed: you have breast cancer.

You feel scared, overwhelmed. But it is important for you to know that in this confusing moment you can take steps to make sure YOU are in control of the management of your disease. Before even listening to an oncologist explain the standard treatment, you should make an effort to understand all the options that have recently become available both to diagnose and treat breast cancer.

Today, new genetic screens can analyze your tumor tissue at a molecular level and reveal important information about your individual disease—information that can identify options and help create an individualized breast cancer treatment.  Treatment today can be customized and personalized to target your specific tumor—allowing you to avoid the dreaded side effects of chemotherapy.

Immunotherapy—using your own tumor tissue to stimulate your immune system to recognize and attack your unique breast cancer—is a real option today. The Perseus vaccine could provide an alternative to typical treatments, which generally involve surgery followed by chemotherapy and/or radiation. Instead, our recommended course of treatment usually includes a lumpectomy followed by four vaccines administered over the course of four months.

The Perseus vaccine works by giving your immune system the tools it needs to find the metastatic cancer cells in your body and attack them. Most treatments that fight cancer also cause painful or debilitating side effects, which can hamper your ability to lead a normal life. But, unlike chemotherapy and radiation, our vaccine therapy works only against the cancer cells, so it rarely affects any other part of your body.

Our Dendritic Cell Tumor Vaccine is based on immunotherapeutic methods. The vaccine is made to fight the specific cancer cells found in your body—not just generic breast cancer cells—YOUR breast cancer cells. To create your own, personalized cancer treatment, we take a piece of tissue from your tumor and some of your blood cells to help produce four vaccines. The first vaccination can be administered when the samples are taken from your body; you will return once a month for the next three months to receive the subsequent vaccines. In between treatments, you will most likely be able to continue all your normal activities.

To find out if you are a candidate for our treatment, please complete and submit the contact form below. You will be contacted shortly by a patient care specialist. Or call us at 888-979-7402.

If you have just heard the dreaded news, this is a critical moment. In order to produce your personalized vaccine, we must be able to obtain some of your tumor tissue. Contact us right now to learn how you can acquire and preserve tumor tissue that will give us an opportunity to create your custom-tailored vaccine. In this way, you can put the tumor that is threatening you to work for you.

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