Cancer Treatment FAQ

How is Perseus’ treatment different from traditional cancer treatments?

Immunotherapy uses your own immune system to fight cancer. Created by world-renowned biomedical scientist, Dr. Thomas Wagner, the personalized cancer immunotherapy vaccine uses all the information in your particular cancer cells to show your immune system how to fight the cancer cells. The therapy consists of four vaccine injections, given over the course of four months.

Contrary to a typical cancer treatment regimen, which involves chemotherapy or radiation and results in a number of side-effects that dampen your quality of life, the PCI vaccine at most causes a slight fever as it takes effect.

Is Perseus PCI the right treatment for me?

You may be qualified for the PCI vaccine if you are 18 years or older, have a surgically accessible solid tumor and are able to travel internationally.

Why do you mention surgery as a part of the treatment? I thought this was just a vaccine.

In order to develop the vaccine, we will need tumor tissue from your body, which can be done through a biopsy or through surgery. Two samples will be taken — one to be used for your personalized vaccine and the other for back up. This, in addition to 100mLs of blood, is all that we need in order to prepare your treatment.

Why the need to travel?

Though created, developed and tested in the United States, the Perseus PCI Vaccine is administered in our partner health care facility in the Cayman Islands, located in the western Caribbean Sea, just 430 miles south of Miami, Florida. It is easily accessible from the United States.

Why the Cayman Islands?

Though the Perseus PCI Vaccine has passed rigorous FDA clinical testing in Phase I and Phase II trials and continues to move through the FDA approval process, the vaccine is being offered in the Cayman Islands after receiving regulatory approval this year from the Cayman Islands Health Practice Commission.

We at Perseus PCI are passionate about beating cancer. After doing extensive research, we determined the Cayman Islands Health Practice Commission to have the highest standards due to its strong regulatory structure, and along with the ease of access from the United States, we thought it was the best location to provide this treatment to people suffering today.

Am I assured of the quality of health care there?

The Cayman Islands prides itself on its high standard of health care due to a strong regulatory structure. Visiting physicians are required to be registered in a country with equivalent standards, and we have partnered with reputable, highly acclaimed physicians in the Cayman Islands who share the same passion in the fight against cancer.

Wouldn’t it be troublesome for someone with cancer to travel to another country for treatment?

In order to make this process easy for you and/or your loved one, we arrange all travel, including flights and accommodations, to and from the Cayman Islands. We have worked extensively with officials in the Cayman Islands to make entry into the country hassle-free, and work with you the entire time to make your stay comfortable.

What are the side effects of Perseus PCI?

The patient may develop a low-grade fever after each administration of the vaccine, and that is all. The fever is caused by your immune system being activated, similar to how you might get a fever when you have a cold or the flu. There is no hair loss, memory loss, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, weight loss, numbness or tingling of hands or feet, as is common with other cancer treatments.