Health Benefits of Lifting Weights

When you think of weight lifting, what first comes to your mind is probably chiseled individuals from magazine covers and television commercials. It is obvious that these individuals have logged countless hours at the gym, and often you may even doubt whether they live normal lives. While your goal doesn’t have to be getting on the cover of a fitness magazine, setting and attaining specific weight lifting goals can help benefit your health holistically.

First, building muscle gives your metabolism a boost. Muscle required energy to be built, used, and maintained. In short, the more muscle you build, the more calories you will burn! If you want to freely enjoy an extra piece of pizza, simply lift more weights.

Like many other forms of exercise, lifting weights reduces symptoms of depression. Many people find that by lifting weights they are able to set their mind free from daily cares and relieve some of their stress.

Lifting weights also helps combat osteoporosis and the losing of muscle and bone mass as you age. This is of special concern for women, who have weaker bones to begin with. Weightlifting helps fight this natural reduction of muscle because as your bones feel stress, they will become stronger.

Weight lifting will help you become a stronger and better-rounded athlete. According to fitness expert John Carrico, weightlifting improves dexterity, endurance, and hand-eye coordination. These traits will help you maintain good fitness and excel in your sport.

Next time you feel that your body could use an extra boost, go to the weight room! Your metabolism, your state of mind, your bone strength, and your athletic endeavors will reap the benefits.

At Perseus PCI, we vouch for healthy living in all of its forms. Living a healthy lifestyle will give your body the strength that it needs to fight off disease, especially cancer.