Cancer and Your Immune System

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, one of the first things you should strive for is a healthy and strong immune system. According to Dr. Thomas Wagner, Perseus PCI founder and cancer researcher of 51 years, a strong immune system can be one of the strongest weapons in your battle against cancer. Wagner advises, “Once you’ve received a cancer diagnosis, don’t sit back and say, ‘Oh, I’m sick, I’m in bad shape.’ Forget that for a moment. Say instead, ‘I am now in a fight for my life against this disease. And in order to help win that fight, I have to maximize my immune system. I have to strengthen my immune system in order to let the natural processes in my body defeat this disease as best as it can.” Below are a few tips to help you maximize your immune system.

Modify your diet to include fruits and vegetables, among other healthy foods. Since ancient times, plant materials have been used for their health-inducing qualities. Why? The efficacy of herbal medicines was a result of the herb’s ability to stimulate the immune system. This suggests that plants—fruits and vegetables—ought to be a major nutritional source for a cancer patient. Dr. Wagner suggests, “The cancer patient should not think in terms of eating to consume calories for energy. Instead, eat to provide nutrients required for your body—and particularly for your immune system—to function. The diet of a cancer patient should be rich in fruits and vegetables.”

Reduce stress. It has long been known that people who have suffered a tragedy—death of a parent, spouse, etc.—often are at a high risk of developing cancer. Why? Mental energy—particularly depression and stress—are major depleters of biological energy, claims world-renowned cancer researcher Dr. Thomas Wagner. When biological energy is exhausted by stress and mental energy, it is not available for other processes in the body. The immune system recognizes and defeats most cancer starts, but when biological energy is being depleted through stress, this energy is not available to the daily needs of the immune system. A weak immune system is going to be a less effective fighter against cancer.

Stress is a part of life. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, however, it is particularly important to take measures to alleviate stress. Surround yourself with a loving and supportive community. Eat well, exercise, and take measures to cope with stress. Give your body its best fighting chance against cancer.

Commit to an exercise routine. In addition to taking action to reduce stress and eat a diet rich in plant material, exercise should be an important component of a cancer patient’s lifestyle. Dr. Wagner claims, “This is true for several reasons. First, physical exercise is extremely effective at reducing stress. Additionally, exercise is necessary to have a healthy metabolic rate. The suggestion that metabolic rate decreases with age is a misnomer. Metabolic rate is determined by a person’s muscle to fat ratio. The higher the muscle to fat ratio, the higher the metabolic rate. A strong metabolic rate not only impacts a person’s overall health, it also strengthens the patient’s immune responses. In conclusion, exercise—specifically including resistance exercise—can affect the patient’s overall physiological health by increasing their metabolic rate.”

Perseus PCI advocates for healthy living in all of its forms. Modifications in diet, reductions in stress, and an exercise regimen are important parts of a lifestyle that gives the cancer patient their greatest chance of surviving their disease. This is all true because of the important connection between a healthy, strong immune system and cancer survival.