Benefits of Swimming

Have you ever felt the need to exercise, but not been sure where to start? If you are thinking about adding something new to your workout routine, consider swimming. Swimming not only offers unique health benefits, but also opportunities to become part of a team or program with other swimmers.

Why Swimming Is Unique Compared to Other Exercises
As opposed to exercising on land, water’s buoyancy alleviates the pressure from your bones and joints. Water also provides a unique resistance, not allowing you to make any sudden movements and resistance accompanies every move. Also, if you’ve ever tired of overheating during exercise, the water in a pool cools your body as you work. This property often makes swimming more comfortable than land exercises!

Health Benefits of Swimming
Swimming can help you become more flexible and can improve your strength. Swimming is often recommended for people seeking to improve their muscular balance and those recovering from injury. It is known for increasing circulation and strengthening your heart and lungs.

Social Benefits of Swimming
Swimming is also fun because it is easy to do in groups! Whether you are interested in swim lessons, swim team, doing water aerobics, or training for a triathlon, many fitness facilities offer opportunities for people to swim no matter what their age or experience level. Check our your local fitness center and see what kinds of opportunities they provide for swimmers!

At Perseus PCI, we vouch for healthy living. Exercising is just one component of a healthy lifestyle! We believe that achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will give your body its best fighting chance against disease.